Our Brand

At Melanin Magic AF, our story is woven from the threads of passion, purpose, and the belief that every day is an opportunity to shape your journey.

It all began with a simple idea: to create planners that not only organize schedules but inspire a profound connection to one's goals and dreams. Founded by Martina Cormier, a dreamer and a doer, our small planner business was born out of the desire to empower individuals to design their lives intentionally.

As we journey forward, we remain committed to innovation. Our planners evolve with the changing needs of our community, introducing features that go beyond the ordinary. We believe in progress, not just for our business but for each individual who chooses to make Melanin Magic AF planner a part of their daily life.

Thank you for being a vital chapter in our story. Together, let's turn the pages of inspiration, set goals afire, and make every day a masterpiece in this beautiful tapestry of life.